Home Learning

Our Units are now closed for most pupils so that everyone can stay safe whilst at home.

This page has details of our HOME LEARNING work for each class.  Each class page will be updated weekly, so be sure to keep checking for updates.

Mrs Jervis' Class 

Ms Watton's Class 

Mrs Stockford's Class 

Miss Turner's Class  

As well as all the learning activities detailed on each class page, remember there are lots of day-to-day activities that are all beneficial to your children:

  • Jigsaws
  • Board games or card games
  • Helping with cooking
  • Helping with household chores
  • Doing some gardening
  • Watch a film together
  • Paint/draw
  • Sing songs
  • Learn a new skill - like sewing

Physical activity is as important now as it ever has been.  Being physically active is so important to our well-being and it is something we would strongly suggest you try to prioritise.  Obviously getting outdoors is becoming more restricted, so some of the following suggestions and links may help for keeping active inside your homes:

Joe Wicks Workouts

These are on You Tube and he is currently doing daily workouts for children (and parents!)

Get Active...at Home Booklets

Don't forget our 'Get Active' booklets...the latest one is accessible on our website (look in the Parents tab and then select the Home Learning section.

Just Dance

You don't need a console for this...there are plenty of routines on You Tube that you can all boogie along with.

Youth Sport Trust Games

The Youth Sport Trust have lots of active ideas to do at home.

Take a look at their website for ideas


Smart Movers

The BBC website   https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers

Has lots of physically active routines linked to the curriculum.

Go Noodle: Good Energy at Home

Go Noodle are providing free resources for home using the following link


If possible try to set a plan for the day, providing some structure will be really important.  So set a time for a reading session, or a maths activity, a games time or a Lego/construction session etc.

Just do what you can, when you can and try not to worry!  The most important thing is to look after one another.  This is a stressful time for everyone, so give yourself breaks and try to stay in touch with friends and family - through phone calls/Facetime/Skype.

Stay safe...from all of us at The Beacon