Learning Champions  

Our Learning Champions have worked extremely hard and produced some amazing work...take a look and see if your work has been chosen...

Class 1 NE: Mrs Jervis

Tyler has completed some fantastic Science work learning about rocks and shown an excellent knowledge of the qualities of different types of rocks.

 Brilliant time skills shown in active Maths!

Class 2 NE: Miss Brooks

Very careful digging for Ancient Egyptian artefacts!
Epic basketball skills!!!
Working together superbly to evaluate puppet designs. 

Class 1 NW: Mrs Stockford & Mrs Breakwell

Fantastic teamwork finding tadpoles and using tools in Forest School.

Class 2 NW: Miss Turner

Incredible scooter skills!

Wonderful picture of a farmyard setting in Charlotte's Web using pastels, by Harvey.

Excellent persuasive writing linked to our text, Charlotte's Web, by Samuel.