Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We strive to provide an outstanding educational provision that supports the individual needs of all our pupils, offering rich learning experiences with therapeutic care  to ensure the best outcomes for all. We endeavour  to enable all our pupils to flourish and grow in all aspects of their development, so that they are all equipped with the competencies and confidence to engage fully and enjoy life. We seek to provide pro-active and preventative support for young learners and their settings.

Our Mission

  • By providing learning journeys, allowing every student to learn in a caring, supportive and enriching environment
  • By committing to strong, collaborative partnerships with families and local schools
  • By respecting each other as individuals, having a tolerance and empathy for other cultures, religions and points of view
  • By providing a welcoming and safe environment for all children
  • By working in close collaboration with a range of external agencies
  • By supporting pupils, families and schools with all aspects of transition